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More Of What Ladies Saying About Their WIFE PREP U Experience!

I loved WIFE PREP U! I’ve always looked into marriage and did my research on the topic, but nothing I learned from YouTube videos and sermons compared to what I learned during my time in WIFE PREP U! I’ll forever have something to refer back to when I go through my courtship and marriage. I know that there’s always more work to be done but I feel more prepared than ever!

Season One, 
 Wife Prep U Graduate

Wife Prep U was/is amazing! I loved that it was a safe space to learn practical skills that are not only for marriage but for my life now. No question was left unanswered. I loved the fact that I could learn these things from a Christian point of view that doesn’t shy away from the tough topics like communication and sex. Also the resources, my goodness! Our guest speakers, Pastor Rotoya’s knowledge and the ladies were amazing.

Season Two, Wife Prep U Graduate

Wife prep U was like the long awaited "TALK" I needed to have with my mother. It was a safe space filled with Love, Realness, accountability, and fun! I felt like I was being loved into the women and future wife god called me to be.

Season One, Wife Prep U Graduate

I loveddd Wife Prep U, and it was something I looked forward to every week from the moment we started. I recently started a relationship and found myself having some insecurities and uncertainties about how to prepare myself and even what I should be doing/focusing on right now just as a girlfriend. Wife Prep U was an answered prayer to me, not just with the wisdom, but the undoing of lots of old teachings around sex, money, and my worth, and even the community of amazing women with great, vulnerable questions, and so willing to pray for one another. I thank the Lord for this course and Pastor Rotoya!

Season Three, 
 Wife Prep U Graduate

Whew. I just want to thank God because this WifePrepU was literally what I needed, it’s helped me , my relationship with my family & partner as well. I am very grateful for the wisdom that was poured out to me throughout this class. I have been holding myself accountable with these lessons and many have spoken on my changes. I am so grateful because areas of my character needed some molding and this course really played a major part.

Season Four, Wife Prep U Graduate

I would ABSOLUTELY and GLADLY recommend Wife Prep U to a friend!!! I believe this course is beneficial to every woman that is single, courting or engaged. You are guaranteed to grow and learn about yourself, marriage, men, the Lord, and God's purpose for your life. This course speaks truth and is very transparent. This course is like a mirror as it causes us to look at ourselves but through that we have the opportunity to grow, fix and better ourselves.

Season Four, Wife Prep U Graduate

This course was amazing. I wish I had this 25 years ago when I got married and now divorced for 10 years now. 
I look forward to my second go round In marriage God’s way.

Season Four, 
 Wife Prep U Graduate

I have been recommending WIFE PREP U to all my friends and already offered to pay for it for my sister! The truth of the matter is no one - to my knowledge -no one is providing this type of material in such depth and authenticity. We've seen conferences, there are so many books, and even more websites and social media accounts and online devotionals - but to actually get with a good size group of women and hear from so many voices stories that resonate and content that is just so engaging and relevant. 

I was just telling my sister earlier today that it would be amazing to see your curriculum being sold on LifeWay as you continue to offer WifePrepU seasons - it's the first time I've personally seen marriage content done so well. Thank you for this ministry - the Lord is surely preparing Kingdom marriages and I'm so glad to have taken part.

Season One, Wife Prep U Graduate

This class has been so amazing. I’ve made connections with several ladies. This course gave me insight on things I’ve never thought about. I thought I was ready but it showed me how much work I have left. ALOT!!! This was just like premarital counseling without my mate. It was amazing.

Season One, Wife Prep U Graduate

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